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I’m off to the West Bank - Journey to Nablus - Danny Whatmough I’m off to the West Bank
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29th September, 2012

It’s not everyday you can write a blog post title like that. But it’s true. I’m off to the West Bank for a month.

From mid-October, I’m volunteering for a charity called Music Harvest that runs a cultural exchange programme in the city of Nablus and surrounding area.

Why? Life takes crazy turns now and again – some good, some bad. It’s been a tough year and this seemed like a little bit of craziness too good to turn down. I’ll be travelling around the region, meeting lots of people and even learning some Arabic. In return, I’ll be running music workshops for adults and children.

I count myself incredibly lucky to be able to take this time off and am unbelievably grateful to EML Wildfire.

I love working in PR and I love living in London. But this is an opportunity to experience something totally unique. Something a million miles away from my day-to-day, from the world where I’ve lived most of my life. It’s a cliché, but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and I plan to grab it.

This is the first and last entry that I’ll cross-post. I’ve set up another blog where you can read about everything that happens.

I’d particularly like to hear from anyone familiar with this part of the world. It’s an area I find myself disappointingly ignorant about the more I discover. So please point me in the direction of books, articles, films, music, art…

To be continued.

-- ends --

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