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Adhan in the West Bank - Journey to Nablus - Danny Whatmough Adhan in the West Bank
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29th October, 2012

Being woken up at 4.30 am is never good, but there’s something hypnotic about the Islam Adhan or ‘call to prayer’ that seems to make it ok.

The call to prayer is recited by the muezzin at five times a day and is amplified from the minaret of the mosque. The words are prescribed but the singer can alter the melody adding melissmas and ornamentation.

This is the adhan that wakes me up every day in Nablus. It is made all the more magical by the reverberations you can just about hear on this recording – the sound echoing off the hills that surround the city. Sometimes there is a nearby cockerel that also joins in!

This is a video I recorded last night from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. You can here a number of different calls to prayer sounding out from the mosques of East Jerusalem.

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