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Farewell to Nablus - Journey to Nablus - Danny Whatmough Farewell to Nablus
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15th November, 2012

Today I left Nablus and the West Bank for the last time. It’s been an eventful week in many ways, punctuated by lots of goodbyes. I’ll try write more about some of the things I’ve been up to, but probably won’t post anything until I get back to the UK.

I’m currently sitting in Jerusalem having caught a lift with a friend from Nablus this morning, a little bit weary after partying last night! Jerusalem feels quite tense today after the incidents in Gaza. I’ve already seen one bomb disposal unit deployed on Jaffa Street.

I’m soon going to catch a bus to Eilat (a 5 hour ride right to the southern tip of Israel). I then cross into Jordan tomorrow morning to visit Petra. Tomorrow night I stay in Aqaba before making the long journey up to Tel Aviv on Saturday where I’ll stay until my flight back to the UK on Monday afternoon.

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